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The inherent beauty of nature

We are proud to carry a wide range of gemstones in excellent quality, magnificent and vivid colors and outstanding cuts.


Our specialties are no heat Rubies & Sapphires, Spinels, Aquamarines, Tourmalines (including Paraiba), Spessartites, Tsavorites and more.


Our focus remains on natural and no heated gems in precise cutting, which underline the innate beauty of every piece in our collection.

Anker 1
Anker 2


Colors of the rainbow

We are known and much appreciated for high quality custom-cut colored gemstones for collections and unique pieces.


A wide color range of Sapphires and Spinels, Rubies, Tsavorites or Chrysoprases are just some of our often used materials.

Please CONTACT US for any requests - we will be happy to find a solution.

Sapphire in rainbowgraduation

Turning a rough stone into a treasure

a beautiful rough Tsavorite of 36.16ct

- careful inspection of the existing inclusions -

Tsavorite rough step 1
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