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The Story


It all started in 1996, when Alexander Leuenberger moved to Madagascar to start a new venture that changed his life.

During the 5 years living in this beautiful country, he learned to purchase rough and cut gemstones, set up a cutting factory and different mining operations, which lead to an ownership of the most productive mechanized sapphire mine of Madagascar.

For more on this visit FROM THE MINE TO YOU.

The Team Spirit


After his return in 2001, Alexander Leuenberger established the Swiss company ALine GmbH, always following his vision to offer a wide range of colored gemstones in the highest quality.

Today, our skilled team is servicing our local and international clients with passion and much personal care. It's always our greatest pleasure to be able to supply the perfect gemstones to a goldsmith, jewellery house or watch company.

Beside beauties from small to significant sizes from our diverse stock, we offer customized series of gemstones in a wide range of colors.

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For the last 15 years our operation in  Bangkok guaranteed a close connection to rough and cut stone supply.


The competent team is responsible for quality control, supervises productions and is permanently sourcing for new gems.


Thanks to our established direct connections to mines, a handful of strong partners and frequent travels to countries of origin, we are privileged that new rough and cut gemstones find their way into our production.


Based on long-term trust, friendship and a deep common understanding, our strong partnership with the high-tech cutting factory Sapphirus Lanka in Ratnapura (Sri Lanka), enables us to offer high precision cut gemstones of almost any customized shape.

For more on this visit OUR COLLECTION.

Our partnership offers added values through a direct and transparent cooperation from production to customer. Our shared experiences help us to stay competitive in terms of pricing.


Together we believe, that a responsible business model, uncluding fair salaries and good working conditions, is key for sustainable success and best possible service.

The art is in the cut

The true value of a gemstone is not only in its form –

but the trained eyes, hands, and heart transforming the stone into a treasure.

A masterful cut of a rough stone reveals its brilliancy, color and character.

It calls for multidimensional imagination and an innate instinct.

Quality control of a sapphire

From the mine to you

We travel the world in search of the rarest and the most beautiful stones.

Pink Valley sapphire mine - Sakamelaka, Madagascar

alluvial mining near Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

impressions of mining & trading places around the world

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